Sausages & Vienna Franks

Little Town Jerky Company delivers a wide range of value-added protein for food service operators. Our commitment to producing products that are consistently high quality and labor-saving assures operators that we are here to help their businesses succeed and keep their customers coming back for more!

Cooked Bratwurst

Regular, Cherry, Jalapeno & Cheese, Deluxe, Mushroom & Swiss, Cheesy Beer, Hawaiian, Bacon & Bleu Cheese5 lb. | 2 per case

Smoked Rope Style Sausages

Andouille, Bison with Pork, Venison with Pork, Elk with Pork, North Country, Polish, Garlic & Pepper, Ready-to-cook & Smoke Cured Rope, BBQ5 lb. | 2 per case

Vienna Franks

Skinless All Beef–7" 5/1 size, Sheep Casing–All Meat–8/1 size, All Beef–4/1 size–hog casing, All Meat–4/1 size–foot long–sheep casing10 lb. | per case