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Premium Pork Shoulder Picnic

Fully Cooked Whole or Half

We offer a great line of hams that can be purchased from your local retailer. Our hams are not burdened with extra ingredients as preservatives. They are minimally processed and are not pumped full of water to increase profits!

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Apr 24th, 2023
at 9:14 am
40 minutes per pound is a long reheat time plus there was poundage listed on the label.
Apr 11th, 2023
at 6:39 pm
Best Pork Shoulder Picnic I ever had. So juicy and very tender, delicious!!!
Apr 10th, 2023
at 4:31 pm
I served this for Eater dinner! Everyone loved it!
Apr 19th, 2022
at 11:34 am
Delighted that Heather S mentioned Vinckier's in her comments. We enjoyed a Pork Shoulder Picnic for Easter that we bought from Vinckier's in Armada. Thanks for a great delicious product!
Heather S
Nov 29th, 2021
at 11:04 am
We have luckily found your hams at our small town Vinckier's grocery store. It is now our go to ham and will not eat any other. Thank you for making awesome products!
Tim H
Oct 24th, 2021
at 9:22 am
Saw the picnic ham at D
Scott Baty
Dec 27th, 2020
at 1:46 pm
Bought a picnic ham at Olsen's market in Traverse City for Christmas dinner. Cooked per instructions and served with homemade ham sauce and scalloped potatoes. Best ham my wife and I have ever had. The smokey aroma from just removing the packaging made my mouth water. Thanks for helping make our Christmas merry.
Michele Haicl
May 18th, 2020
at 7:23 pm
This is the best Pork Shoulder Picnic!!! We have tried them all over the years but will only buy from Little Town Jerky now!! Plus their Jerky is also the best!!
Roger T
Apr 14th, 2020
at 12:46 pm
We bought a Little Town Jerky smoked picnic ham for our Easter dinner. I cooked it on my old Weber grill for 25 minutes per pound and when the temperature was 140F it was done. The flavor of this ham was outstanding and probably the best I have ever done on my old Weber. I hope our local Shop-Save store in Ludington continues selling them as I don't think I will ever be satisfied with another brands smoke picnic. Thanks for doing it right!
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