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Jalapeno with Cheese Sticks

Refrigerated 6 oz.In Stock

$549 / each

Our refrigerated snack sticks are great for that immediate protein fix! Our snack sticks are naturally hardwood smoked with maple and hickory woodchips for a deep, smoky flavor. Try some today and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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Cory Dickson
Jan 14th, 2021
at 3:07 am
I’ve seen these a handful of times at the meat counter of my local Meijer, and decided to give them a try. I’m very glad I had. The meat is absolutely delicious. The balance of flavor is exactly what I want in a more premium quality meat stick. You get the smoky, jalapeño, cheesy, meaty flavors all at once, and none of them overpower the other. Will most certainly be looking for more from here on out!
Joe Roberts
Oct 15th, 2019
at 2:50 pm
We bought these delicious beef snacks at Beacon and Bridge Market in Gladwin, Michigan and I have been craving them ever since we finished them. Just enough of everything not too much spice or cheese.
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