Summer Sausage & Specialty

Jalapano with Cheese Summer Sausage

Hardwood Smoked 16 oz.In Stock

$699 / each

Our summer sausage line is known for its special recipe seasoning and excellent texture. We offer a wide variety of meat and wild game flavors. When you bite into a piece of any variety of our summer sausages, you will immediately taste the quality of the spices – only the finest mustard and nutmeg are used. We do not settle for pretty good!


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Jun 9th, 2023
at 11:37 pm
Great sausage
May 28th, 2020
at 12:28 pm
Love it!a go too when I have company and during hunting season with the guys up...addicting...and I am a chick...
Jul 1st, 2019
at 10:54 pm
Wow. This mix is amazing. It is my go to selection for a wonderful summer sausage treat with crackers.
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