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Smoked Turkey Drumstick

Naturally Smoked Drumstick

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Very good
Jul 13th, 2023
at 8:03 pm
The quality and flavor took me back to my childhood when the family would go to silver dollar city. they have the best tender juicy turkey legs full of flavor and delicious! I’m so glad I found a company that makes these so good. I made the last one fall off the bone and juicy just perfectly like they did at Silver dollar city. It was thawed out and I put it in a pressure cooker on a grate and filled the water to just before touching the leg and cooked on high for 20 and let it depressurize naturally, and it was fall off the bone delicious! It’s even better if you fry some chunks in a pan to get the edges crispy and kinda carmelized. I had that with some eggs and toast for breakfast. soo good!
Feb 1st, 2022
at 6:50 pm
Love them!!!
Lawrence Colbert
May 29th, 2021
at 5:36 pm
Amazing. Great flavor all the way through. While eating it I felt like a viking lol. Amazing food. I painted their gasoline on the roof and OMG it smelled so good with all the spices and stuff. They get their own cows and do everything in house.
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