Deluxe Bratwurst

Fully Cooked 14 oz.In Stock

$499 / each

We use only the finest spices and fresh cuts of pork in our brats and hot dogs. We offer a wide variety of cooked and smoked sausages for your grilling enjoyment. Our cooked bratwursts are a regional favorite. All you have to do is get the grill hot and brown and serve – no waiting around for them to fully cook. These delicious brats are available in many delectable varieties from cherry brats to cheesy beer brats – it doesn’t matter which flavor, they are all fantastic! Also choose from our smoked brats in regular, cheese, and Jalapeno cheese flavors! 


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Sep 23rd, 2021
at 12:59 pm
We were camping in September in Michigan and decided we want some Brotz to cook on the grill. We Found these at a local grocery store. They were the best Brotz we’ve ever tasted. And we have tasted A lot of different kinds of Brotz. Keep up the great work Delicious!!
Deluxe Bratwurst
Sep 19th, 2021
at 9:10 am
This is by far the best. You can tell that because they are out of it most often. This year we have had a hard time finding the Deluxe. You need to make it more often.
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