Ground Beef

Ground Beef

Frozen ground beef in 1 lb. tubes. 10 lbs.In Stock

$4990 / each

Specially selected, fresh frozen 80% lean ground beef. This item is available for shipping in the following states only: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin.


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Specially selected, fresh frozen 80% lean ground beef.


Jun 22nd, 2021
at 7:29 pm
Omg your smoke beef brisket is to die for! Purchased one three and three quarters pound large and we've eaten four meals off of it And that would be two of us eating and still have probably three more meals to go well well worth the money. Best I have ever had anywhere and don't even have to go to a restaurant for it. Highly recommended.
Jean Benson
Apr 24th, 2020
at 6:12 pm
This might be 80/20 but it is really good beef. Hardly any fat and cooks really nice. Just the 2 of us so the packages are perfectly proportioned.
Mar 25th, 2020
at 9:00 am
What is the price per pound?
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